Smart Toilets

In-Wash® smart toilets. Moving on, moving forward.

Enhance your personal cleansing routine with In-Wash® smart toilets.


Integrated control panel

The side panel allows control of the basic cleaning functions with complete ease.


Retractable nozzle with a self-cleaning system that turns on before and after each use.

Removable nozzle tip

The nozzle tip can be removed for a greater hygiene.


The LEDs of the In-Wash® Inspira can be adjusted to guide you to the toilet without needing to turn on the light in your bathroom. There are 4 modes for the light settings.


The infrared sensor prevents its activation if it does not detect any presence on the seat.


Seat and cover gently closes reducing noise.

Removable seat and cover

The seat and cover can be easily removed for a greater cleaning.


The support for the remote control can be mounted to the wall with adhesive or screws.


The water and electricity supplies, and fixations may be installed behind the bowl preventing the existence of cables or flexible hoses around the WC.


In-Wash® only requires one water inlet which later distributes it to the cistern or to the nozzle after filtering it.

Easy to clean surface

Easy to clean surface free of nooks for a more efficient cleaning.


All materials used are of the highest quality.


Water doesn’t flow inside the rim. The inner walls of the bowl are now smoother, without angles or nooks where dirt could build up, making cleaning easier. 


Uncomplicated and straightforward. Its remote control can easily customize its settings through simple interfaces.


Front wash and rear wash using water.


The operating movement of the nozzle offers multiple water options to suit individual needs.


The warm air provides a pleasant drying experience after cleaning


The water temperature functions have four different settings: Room temperature - No LEDs / Low 33º - 1 LED / Medium 36º - 2 LEDs / High 39º - 3 LEDs


The water flow has three intensity levels for a more comfortable feeling.


The nozzle has five different positions for an accurate adjustment to each user.


The air in the drying function has four temperature levels.



KTW (W270)


Sanitary ceramic standards.
Safety in home appliances.
Electromagnetic compatibility.
No contamination of drinking water.

Australian Standards

WaterMark product certification protects community health and safety - WMKA02321

Product regulated under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme - WELS 4.5/3 4*

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General questions about smart toilets
What are roca's smart toilets?
These are innovative toilets and seats with technology specifically designed by Roca to ensure maximum personal hygiene of the intimate areas through water.
What benefits do roca's smart toilets offer?
They provide all the benefits of water, ensuring an unparalleled feeling of cleanliness and freshness.
What differences are there between the different roca smart toilets?
Both incorporate practically the same features, with the difference that In-Wash is the solution for a toilet with integrated technology, which gives it a more stylized design, while Multiclean is the seat solution that fits Roca's conventional toilets.
Questions about operation and use
How do roca's smart toilets work?
Both In-Wash and Multiclean are very easy to use. From the remote control (in the case of In-Wash and Multiclean Premium) or via the side control panel (Multiclean Advance), the washing and drying functions are easily manageable.
How does the self-cleaning system work?
To ensure greater hygiene, it has a retractable nozzle with a self-cleaning system that works before and after each use.
Is it an alternative to toilet paper?
Smart Toilets offer thorough cleaning with water and pleasant air-drying. In the case of the In-Wash toilet or a Multiclean offer a thorough yet gentle ‘experience of clean’ compared to toilet paper owing to the hygienic properties of water.
Where does air come from?
Air comes from a small opening located towards the back, just below the seat.
Does it comply with european regulations?
Smart Toilets comply with all European regulations and standards.
Are they easy to use for children and the elderly?
Thanks to its intuitive technology, it is accessible to all and totally versatile to suit everyone’s needs.
Installation questions
I would like to replace my current toilet with a Smart toilet, what should I do?
It's very simple. Enter the Roca website, choose the model that best suits your needs and look for your nearest point of sale. If you need technical advice, contact our Technical Service.
Can i use a smart toilet without changing my current toilet?
Yes, only if you choose a Multiclean® that fits your toilet model.
On which Roca toilets can I use a Multiclean®?
Each Multiclean® model is adapted to specific toilet designs. See compatibility chart.
Can I install a Smart Toilet in any type of bathroom?
Yes, you only need a conventional electric supply and one water inlet.
Questions related to maintenance and care
Does it require any special kind of maintenance?
No, however should there be a decrease in flow from the nozzle this can be de-scaled.
How many years of warranty do Roca Smart Toilets have?
The warranty might change depending the country regulation. Please, contact the customer service team in your country.
What happens if the toilet breaks down?
Roca has a dedicated Technical team on hand to support wherever necessary. In addition to this there are user manuals which are available to download from the relevant product page.
What happens if there is a power cut?
In the event of a power cut, the toilet can still be flushed as normal however the washing and drying functions will not operate until the power resumes.
Consumption and environmental questions
How much electricity does it consume?
Consumption is very low since the water is only heated when the product is used. The cost depends on the price of electricity and the time of use. The approximate average value of a wash is 0.004 €. If it is used 5 times a day, the annual cost would be about 7 €.