Roca Group Closes 2023 with Revenues of 2,057 Million Euros and Investments of 153 Million Euros


In an extraordinarily complicated environment due to the contraction in construction and the shift in consumer priorities in the post-pandemic period, the group recorded a turnover similar to the previous year and a profit of 27 million euros

The company increased its current investments by 13% to 153 million euros.

In terms of sustainability, the company reduced its Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 50% compared to 2018

Roca Group, world leader in the design, production and commercialisation of bathroom solutions, closes the 2023 financial year with a turnover of 2,057 million euros. This year was marked by a slowdown in new construction due to high interest rates and changes in the consumer behavior, which in a post-pandemic context prioritized the consumption of other types of goods, services and leisure over home refurbishment. This complicated situation was further aggravated by inflationary pressure and the consequent reduction in commercial margins. In this context, EBITDA amounted to 318 million euros, equivalent to 15% of revenues, and net profit was 27 million euros, heavily impacted by the hyperinflation adjustment in the Argentinian subsidiary.

153 Million Euros of Investment, 13% More Than in 2022

The company increased its investment effort to 153 million euros, compared to the 135 million euros investment in 2022. These resources were mainly allocated to expanding and improving the production capacity of factories, strengthening the Competence Centres, digitalisation and development of new products, and moving forward the milestones set out in the sustainability roadmap, as well as in updating facilities and showrooms (Roca Galleries and Laufen Spaces, among others).

In 2023, Roca Group also committed to strengthening its position in the premium bathroom furniture segment with the acquisition of Madeli in the United States. It complemented its portfolio in bathtubs and shower trays with the purchase of Clarke (also in the USA) and, in the premium steel washbasin market, incorporated into the group the German company Alape. These operations have enabled the company to remain at the forefront of technology in each category, consolidating its Competence Centres model initiated last year.

Sustainability: Towards Net-Zero Emissions by 2045

Roca Group goes on with its commitment to sustainability from an integral point of view, encompassing all its operations. By the end of 2023, it achieved a 50% reduction in its Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions compared to 2018, as well as halved the waste generated in the same period. The intensity of energy use in its operations (the energy required to produce a given output) has been reduced by 57% compared to the same year. The development of the Water Neutrality and Circularity plans contributed, also, to fulfill the group's sustainability roadmap.

This year, the company also stood out for the commissioning of the world's first electric tunnel kiln for the production of sanitary ceramics at the Gmunden plant in Austria, an unprecedented milestone that leads the paradigm shift in sanitary and broader ceramic sectors. The implementation of this technology turns the Gmunden plant into the first in the world dedicated to producing sanitary ceramics with net-zero emissions.

All these objectives positioned the company in the top 3% of global companies on sustainability performance according to the Ecovadis rating, having received its Gold Medal in recognition.

Two New Investments by Roca Group Ventures

Roca Group Ventures platform continues promoting collaborations and investments with start-ups that drive innovation and the evolution of the sector, with €25 million of committed investment for emerging companies that contribute to innovation and propel the sector and the industry.

Precisely this week, the fund announced its investment in two new projects. First, in the Spanish company KMINA: a manufacturer of products to aid reduced mobility, which also develops and distributes products for the prevention of domestic accidents and to facilitate the use of the bathroom space. Its products are designed for people with different needs, such as the elderly or dependants. Second, Roca Group Ventures is investing in Boon, Indian water tech start-up that develops, manufactures, and distributes AI-enabled smart and sustainable water purifiers for offices, hotels, and resorts. These purifiers come with connected features to enhance water quality and do predictive analysis for service, eliminating the need for plastic water bottles and reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions.

About Roca Group

Roca Group, home to renowned brands like Roca and Laufen, stands as a global leader in the design, production, and marketing of bathroom products for architecture, construction, and interior design. Established in Barcelona in 1917, the company blends tradition and expertise with innovation and environmental respect, all aimed at fulfilling people's needs and improving society’s well-being.

With sustainability as the cornerstone of its operations, Roca Group infuses this culture into every facet of its activities across the 170 countries it serves and within its 79 manufacturing facilities. This commitment is upheld daily by its 20,000 employees, united to ensure a better planet for future generations. The group has achieved Gold Medal recognition from EcoVadis, the most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, for outstanding sustainability performance.

As a family-owned enterprise, the group holds market leadership positions in Europe, Latin America, and India, while also maintaining a robust presence in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa. This global footprint solidifies its status as an industry frontrunner worldwide.

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