Questions related to Smart Toilets functions

How does In-Wash® Inspira work?

In-Wash® Inspira is easy to use. You can select different washing and drying functions through the remote control.

How does the self-cleaning system work?

In-Wash® Inspira has a retractable nozzle with a self-cleaning system that operates before and after each use.

Is In-Wash® Inspira an alternative to toilet paper?

In-Wash® Inspira offers a thorough yet gentle ‘experience of clean’ compared to toilet paper owing to the hygienic properties of water.

Where does air come from?

Air comes from a small opening located towards the back, just below the seat.

Is In-Wash® Inspira easy to use for children and elderly?

Thanks to its intuitive technology, it is accessible to all and totally versatile to suit everyone’s needs.

Questions related to In-Wash® Inspira installation

I would like to change my existing toilet for an In-Wash® Inspira. What should I do?

It’s really simple…Choose from one of the two versions and visit your nearest Reece Bathroom Life Showroom. In the meantime, should you have any technical questions please do not hesitate to contact Reece Customer Service Number: 1800 080 055

Can I install an In-Wash® Inspira in any type of bathroom?

Yes, you only need a conventional electric supply and one water inlet.

Questions related to maintenance and care

Does In-Wash® Inspira require any special kind of maintenance?

No, however should there be a decrease in flow from the nozzle this can be de-scaled.

What is the warranty period for In-Wash® Inspira?

Warranty - Domestic Use: 7 years.
Spare Parts and Labour: 12 Months

What happens if the toilet breaks down?

Reece have a dedicated Customer Service team on hand to support wherever necessary. In addition to this there are user manuals which are available to download from the relevant product page.

What happens if there is a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, the toilet can still be flushed as normal however the washing and drying functions will not operate until the power resumes.

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