Sustainable production processes

Sustainable production processes

Eco Roca aims to integrate our respect for the environment into all of our production processes

Commitment with the Planet is part of our philosophy and our day-to-day activities. Under this premise, we created the “Roca Loves the Planet” concept, which comes with all the production processes at our factory, as well as the development of our products and the social activities of the company.

Regarding the productive processes, ever since 2008 we are developing the Eco-Roca project, which has two core goals: a 25% cut in CO2 emissions by 2014, when compared with our 2006 emissions, and to manage waste-free industrial processes via our Zero Waste Programme.



With regard to the first goal, reducing CO2 emissions, over the course of the period from 2006 to 2010, we at Roca have managed, globally, to cut gas consumption by 14.9% and electricity consumption by 4.6%. This improvement means preventing the emission of 52,750 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. These figures are highly significant, as gas consumption represents approximately 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions arising from production processes.

Turning to the second goal, the Zero Waste Programme to achieve industrial processes that produce no material waste, 75% of the plan has been complied with to date.


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