Eco-friendly technologies

Our commitment to environmental protection has led us to the development of solutions for saving water and energy


Cold Start

An innovative tap system that turns on the faucet with cold water. The opening of the lever to the right is blocked, which is why water flows cold from the front opening position. If the lever is turned towards the left, water obtained will be gradually hotter. This way, there are not only water savings, but also in energy, since we prevent the heater from firing up the heater when it’s not necessary. This technology is also available with an innovative progressive cartridge that does the same function with a wheel control instead of a lever.



Products featuring this technology: L20



Flushfree Urinal

A new concept of urinal that doesn’t require water or electricity to be used. Its innovative system employs a cartridge to prevent unpleasant odours by means of the emission of air with lemon scent, avoiding the waste of water and energy. The cartridge is easy to be replaced after every 6,000 cycles.



This stunning design sets a new category for bathroom equipment: the basin-toilet integrated in a single piece. This unit with double function allows reusing the water of the washbasin by sending it to the cistern after a filtering process. A sustainable proposal that allows a double use of water and has been awarded with several design and sustainability distinctions.



Products featuring this technology: W+W


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