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Roca Galleries are not just physical locations, but rather an entire concept that conveys the avant-garde offering and forward-looking vision of Roca. Built with the principles of design, innovation and sustainability in mind, Roca Galleries clearly showcase the leading add global brand’s commitment to an ongoing discourse with society as a whole, but more specifically with professionals who share an interest and concern in cultivating the bathroom concept.

The Roca Galleries serve as a meeting place and arena for open dialogue, drawing together like-minded designers, architects and interior decorators from around the globe. Locations in London, Shanghai, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Beijing provide a multidisciplinary platform for interchange, thereby constructing a world-wide network to identify, interpret, develop and share information on new trends in the field.

Zaha Hadid Architects in London; Francesc Rifé Studio in Shanghai; Borja, Lucía and Carlos Ferrater’s OAB architectural studio in Barcelona; Estudio Lamela in Madrid; Ferruz Decoradors in Lisbon; and Ma Yansong in Beijing have brought this vision to life in the Roca Galleries that combine an engaging look and true representation of the brand’s values.

Hence, the Roca Gallery sites are designed as flexible, functional places to show off the wide range of Roca products alongside a broad offering of socio-cultural activities.


Roca Barcelona Gallery

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Roca London Gallery

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