YE'S Marata Apart-hotel (Pioneer Group)

Architect: Zemtsov, Kondiain and Partners with Nikken Sekkei

Category: Hotels & resorts

Installation date: 2020

The YE’S Marata aparthotel stands, contemporary and elegant, in the heart of the busy and vibrant Sotsialisticheskaya Street in Saint Petersburg, among the remains of the 19th century and the 20th century modern buildings. There are 1188 apartments of different categories on its ten floors, from 27 to 120 square meters.

Aimed at providing a modern and practical home for the long-term and medium-term stays of young European executives, the project commits to contemporary design without giving up practicality. Avant-garde and exclusive, these suites with a multifunctional design received the 2019 KAISSA Award presented by the Association of Real Estate Agents of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region and are proof of the modern urban architecture that is transforming the main Russian capitals. Conceived as a key element of this functional and exclusive haven, the bathrooms of the YE'S Marata suites combine design and ergonomics right in the heart of the city. The made-to-measure basins manufactured in Surfex® stand out above the grey veined marble. With a warm and silky surface, the outstanding plasticity of this material allows the integration of the countertop and the bowl in a piece with specifically rounded shapes. As a complement to the ensemble, the modern Victoria faucet, also with a slightly curved outline, adds the final touch to a modern and elegant bathroom with a timeless vocation.