Rafayel on the Left Bank Hotel & Spa

Architect: James Burland

Category: Hotels & resorts

Installation date: 2010

Rafayel on the Left Bank is part of Battersea's stunning and award-winning Falcon Wharf Development. Designed by architect James Burland, the unique and critically-acclaimed steel, glass and timber building provides a fitting home for Rafayel on the Left Bank.

One of the world's first environmentally-conscious luxury hotels, Rafayel on the Left Bank is set to prove that hotels can embrace cutting-edge green technologies and minimize their environmental impact without comprising on 5-star luxury, quality or comfort._x000D_ _x000D_ Incorporating the latest technological advances in LED lighting, air conditioning, VDA efficiencies and rainwater harvesting will enable the hotel to reduce the 70kg carbon footprint of the average London hotel guest by an astounding 20%. _x000D_ _x000D_ Roca's Element and Diverta collections were used to equip the hotel bathrooms providing a perfectly aligned solution with the hotel goals.

Collections included in the project