New terminal in Khabarovsk International Airport

Category: Transport infrastructures

Installation date: 2019

Khabarovsk International Airport is the largest airport in the Far Eastern Federal District. In 2016, the old, unfunctioning terminal was demolished, and later on its site started the construction of a new terminal, which was finished at the end of 2019.

A 26 thousand square metre terminal for domestic flights, equipped by new air-bridges and escalators and integrated with current Soviet-built terminal, has capacity of 3 million passengers a year. Also the modernization and refurbishment of the terminal included installation of the new bathroom equipment. _x000D_ The bathroom spaces need to respond to the intensive use of its visitors. In this project Roca managed to combine design and functionality be providing unique products to respond to all needs with user-friendly solutions that combine beauty and accessibility. Thus, the bathrooms of the new terminal incorporate an array of models such as Meridian WCs with simple and fine lines, functional Grand Berna basins and Euret urinals – practical, efficient and long-lasting solutions for public use. In addition to this we find the Access wall mounted WCs and basins complemented by accessories and grab rails that provide maximum safety in the bathrooms to people with reduced mobility.

Collections included in the project