Roca is committed to reducing water consumption by developing sustainable products registered with the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS).

WELS is Australia’s water efficiency labelling scheme. Labels show a star rating and also a water consumption or water flow figure. The less water used, the higher the star rating. Tapware, showerheads and toilets all have different maximum ratings. Tapware can be a maximum of 6-stars, toilets can be a maximum of 5-stars and showerheads can be a maximum of 3-stars.



Product Units


1 Star

2 Star

3 Star

4 Star

5 Star

6 Star


Litres per min

>12 to 16

 >9 to 12

7.5 to 9 *



Litres per min

>12 to 16

 >9 to 12

>7.5 to 9

 >6 to 7.5

4.5 to 6

less than 4.5


Full Flush
Litres per flush

9.5 max

9.5 max

6.5 max

4.7 max


Half Flush
Litres per flush

4.5 max

4.5 max

3.5 max

3.2 max


Average Flush
Litres per flush





3 (with integrated basin)



*Maximum current rating is 3 Stars. Force of spray test has not yet been finalised.

Learn more at www.waterrating.gov.au


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